a hearing loss patient being fitted for new hearing aids

What is the Purpose of a Hearing Aid Fitting?

If you’ve ever experienced hearing loss or have had to deal with anything of a similar nature, then you’ll know all about how it can impede life. Thankfully an audiologist can work with people who are dealing with hearing loss and provide them with a perfectly-fitted hearing aid. We all have varying degrees of hearing […]

a hearing loss patient is browsing for new hearing aids

What are the Most Common Hearing Aid Styles?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, your audiologist likely recommended hearing aids as the best treatment option. This technology is one of the most critical ways to improve your quality of life when it comes to hearing more clearly. However, there is much to think about when it comes to the style of […]

a hearing specialist repairing a hearing device

What are the Most Common Hearing Aid Repairs?

Hearing aids are one of the most incredible pieces of technology ever made. They allow those who experience hearing loss to live their lives as comfortably and as happily as possible. Of course, as with any other piece of technology, hearing aids aren’t totally infallible and there is always the possibility that you could experience […]

a pediatric ear doctor examining a childs ear

Top Qualities to Look for in an Audiologist

With hearing health as with anything, it’s vital that you seek the best possible audiologist to not only put you at ease but also get you the treatment you need. Luckily, any professional audiologist should possess the skills necessary to help your hearing health. That said, not all audiologists are created equal, and considering the […]